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Full Face Expert Program


Facial massage, exercises, & postures help to prevent the signs of ageing and have the potential to improve the structure of our deeper facial tissues.  I have seen it in myself and in others. My new Become a Face Yoga Expert Program -- a life-changing series of empowering workshops & routines takes you through the steps of transformation without the hassle of spending up to thousands on risky plastic surgeries. *10 weekly themes *10 routines of the week sent to you as follow-along videos *10 live-streamed face yoga workshops led by me. Livestreams cover how to perform the routines effectively. *Course Resource Guide *Option for 1-to-1 private coaching (see below) Each workshop in the Face Expert Program explores a foundational or advanced theme like: *Foundational Face Habits: Building Resilience as we Age *Facial Symmetry *Spotlight: Nose Yoga for Anti-Aging *Advanced Massage Tools *Exercises and Massage for Life: Redistributing Tension *Spotlight: Stability of the Neck and Jaw With access to the content for life, you can revisit it whenever you need to. Optional private coaching: The course + private coaching package includes 2x private 45-minute 1-to-1 sessions with me, either virtually or in-person (if based in the London area).  After registration, I'll send you the link for bookings. Course: $160 *Course + Private Coaching: $250 *Register via the subscription plan below to secure this package

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