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Face yoga: a series of facial stretches, exercises, and postures capable of helping the face to regain and preserve a youthful and desirable appearance. This empowering practice can be incorporated into anyone's self-care plan: across all ages, genders, and abilities. 

Face yoga can change the shape of the face and can help the body maintain optimal posture.

A mindful face yoga practice helps to send beneficial chemical messengers to our brains which can help uplift our mood and ease tension.

Evidence backing the real effectiveness of face yoga in regaining youthful appearance

about Kari

certified face yoga instructor

 I started practicing face yoga when I began seeing early signs of ageing and expression lines in my face. To my surprise, I started seeing results almost immediately and lasting results within only a few short weeks. At the same time, I starting noticing a profound shift in my state of mind as the muscle-knots and tension melted away from my face.

How could I keep this secret to myself any longer? Why is this method not being used? We exercise and massage our bodily muscles and tissues–when did we forget our faces?

 I was trained to teach the Koko Face Yoga method, developed and taught by celebrity face yogi Koko Hayashi. From my research, Koko's method is highly effective– giving quick and often drastic results, and (unlike most other face yoga methods) minimises damage to the delicate tissues in our faces. Crucially, this method prioritises the ultimate face-perfecting gamechanger: Face Posture®. 

Face yoga is virtually unknown in our society and so my aim is to help spread the knowledge of face yoga far and wide. My goal is to make face yoga accessible and easily incorporated into our often chaotic lifestyles. I intend to promote a message of self-awareness and empowerment. ​

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