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Taking The Time To Relax Your Body

Yoga nidra is a deeply healing practice. Nidra means "sleep." In this type of meditation, we are giving our bodies a chance to rest for the equivalent of 3 hours of sleep whilst we remain conscious and aware.

Your brain waves relax to an alpha, then theta brain state as you go deeper into the bodyscan. It's even possible for you to enter the delta wave brain state! In this incredibly powerful hypnogogic state of awareness, our cells are given the chance to heal and eventually we become conscious of our inner truth. This lays the groundwork for the transformation of our old neural pathways into new, rejuvenated, intentional ways of being.

Enjoy this music-free yoga nidra guided meditation with an extended (over 20 minute!) body scan.

Eye pillow recommended 😴

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Fancy a LIVE online yoga nidra meditation?

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