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Define Your Jawline & Cheeks Online Program

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Want a more defined & healthier jawline & cheeks? In this self-paced course, face yoga coach Kari Cordier - certified face yoga instructor, chemistry PhD candidate - shows you how to define your jawline & cheeks. Naturally! Video: Upon course registration, you will receive: - 45 page course guide - 4x60min Weekly live sessions - 3x30min Weekly live Q&A sessions - Develop a consistent practice through daily ...lessons (covering all the topics for defining the jaw and cheeks) routines (warm-ups & workouts) ...reflections to check in with your progress and your individual needs Itinerary: Week 1: Massage for Definition Learn how to release tension and sculpt the face & neck for a more defined face. Sans botox! Week 2: Jaw & Cheeks Exercise Program Things amp up with face exercises. Each day will focus on a different area to tone and lift the whole mid-face & define the lower face. These prepare you for the face posture module (week 3). Week 3: Face Posture Learn essential face postures & habits to lock in those big 'defined jawline' goals.. Recordings & course content is yours to keep for life whether or not you attend the course live. A playlist link of all the 21 daily video routines and material will be yours to keep. Price: £84 ($116 USD)

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